Transpersonal Psychology

VOICE TO AN IMAGE.jpgTranspersonal Psychology is a school of psychology that studies the transpersonal, self-transcendent or spiritual aspects of the human experience. It provides a powerful model for personal growth and human development and sees the meaning and value in all things. Most importantly, it honors the sacredness of the life journey while advocating freedom and full self-realization. It promoties individual healing and embraces the interconnection of all existence.

Transpersonal Psychology encircles both the language of the “Self” (the non-dual knowing and interconnectedness at the level of being) and “self” (the personality of personal sense of self in its separateness) once the preconceptions of doctrinal words and didactic language are overcome.

It broadens the traditional theories regarding the psyche to include the spiritual dimensions of our being incorporating empirical and esoteric perspectives from global traditions (East, West, ancient and modern). In addition, transpersonal psychology allows one to see the concept of individual in its relationship to a much larger whole or "Oneness.”

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