Telluric/Lunar/Solar Energy

100_4575.JPGThe two most intense concentrations of the life force (also referred to the Zero Point Field and Pyramid/Vortex or Creative energy) are from the sun and the earth, yet they have completely different properties. The two energies must interact and flow together in perfect balance for creation to occur.

The life force from solar energy (sun) fills the earth’s atmosphere and moves downward. Its energy is strongest at dawn, noon and at higher elevations. This is the primary reason for the establishment of sacred sites and places in the high mountains by ancient cultures, monks and hermits. Mythically, solar energy is represented by birds such as the eagle (also adopted by Native American tribes), the hawk and the heron. Solar energy is masculine and is considered by many cultures as the current of wisdom. Physically, it affects the chest, throat and hands and psychologically it affects spiritual awakening, intellect, abstract reasoning, emotion and impersonal awareness.

Moon II.jpgThe life force from telluric energy (earth) moves upwards through stone and soil. It is strongest around green plants (most especially trees) and where water flows from beneath the earth such as in springs and holy wells. It is subject to complex cycles in time and space and is shaped by lunar phases, planetary and seasonal changes and the underground interplay of stones, minerals and soil.

Alchemists call it the mercurial current and the secret fire. Mythically, telluric energy is represented by the serpent and the dragon. Telluric energy is feminine and is considered by many cultures the current of power. Physically it affects the stomach and pelvis area, the feet and reproduction and psychologically it affects love and passionate energy.

Seedling II.jpgThe third life force current is the lunar current (moon) which depends exclusively on the two primary currents just as the moon depends on the sun for its light and the earth for the stability of its orbit. When the solar and telluric currents come together they form a spark of lunar current and the two currents unify to become three currents and a new force. A good example of this process is a seed which brings solar and telluric energies together (sunlight and soil). When united, the two primary currents depend on the third current (lunar current) to spark the seed into growth.   

In many ancient world wisdom traditions, these three currents presented a great interpretation of life and its mysteries. Telluric energy was symbolically represented by a triangle with the point shown upward, solar energy was represented by a disk or circle and lunar energy was represented by a crescent or half-moon geometric open upwards. This symbolism is evident at numerous sacred sites around the world and ties directly into the concept of ley lines and sacred places such as megaliths (dolmens, stone circles, menhirs and mounds) where sages of ancient wisdoms had the knowledge to fuse all three currents in order to create bounty for the land and its people.    


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