Sacred Sites

100_0494.JPGSacred Sites are places that are regarded as extraordinary or unique.  The term “sacer” from which the word “sacred” stems, is closely related to “numen”, both referring to mysterious power or the power of the Divine. 

According to mythologist Joseph Campbell, “The Mythic Image” (1974), the idea of a sacred place is where walls and laws dissolve to reveal wonder, a concept as old as the human race.

Creative or Vortex Energy, a combination of solar, telleuric and lunar energies, is the power of the Divine. It is the creative force within all life including that of humanity and the living earth itself. It connects the Divine to not only the human nervous system and to Chakra energy or Chi energy, but to all of creation, and thus has the capability to heal and transform.

100_0211.JPGAncient peoples and mystics throughout the ages have been intimately associated with the power of Creative or Vortex Energy and its transformational capabilities.

They were essentially alchemists and able to map, (through sacred geometry, astronomy and astrology), the energetic pattern of grid lines (ley lines and energy vortexes) that crossed the earth's alignments.

These ancients were also able to identify and capture the concentrated levels of Creative or Vortex energy that were emitted from the lines where they crossed and at certain times during the lunar cycle at various throughout the year. 

It is for this reason that along these alignments, certain sites were revered as sacred (holy wells and places in nature such as sacred springs, mountains and rivers) spawning the development of human cultural centers around them as well as the building of ancient sacred structures such as pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, temples, churches and sacred burial grounds.


James Swan in “Sacred Places: How the Living Earth Seeks Our Friendship” (1990), supports the belief that consistent with traditional culture wisdom, sacred places are unique because they have a power that can more readily move us into spiritual consciousness.

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