Ley Lines

EarthsLeyLinesGridmagneticenergy.gifEnergy from the sun (solar current), fills the earth's upper atmosphere and moves downward. It is strong when the sun is above the horizon and strongest at dawn and noon. It is masculine and is the current of wisdom.

Energy from the earth (telluric current), moves upward through stone and soil. It is strong around green plants, especially trees and where water flows beneath the earth such as near holy wells and springs. Its cycles are affected by lunar phases and seasonal changes. It is feminine and is the energy current of power.

Lunar current mediates the other two currents and awakens the highest energy centers in nature and in human beings. It is created strictly from the fusion of the solar and telluric currents and brings about fertitility, peace and abundance.

In ancient times, sages mastered the secrets of the three currents by tracing the telluric current through lines on the landscape (ley lines) up to sacred sites on hills (capturing the solar current) and channeling the energy to stone circles, dolmens and sacred monuments at which point the two energies fused into a lunar current. We see proof of this throughout the world.

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