Earth Energies

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Gaia and the Living Earth…

Energy is the creative force within all life including that of humanity and the living earth itself. All life on earth is not only created by energy, but is also affected by energy through an inter-connected web of electro-magnetic currents that run through the earth and along its surface (telluric energy) and around the earth’s atmosphere (lunar and solar energy).

The earth’s mass is made up of gases, metals, mineral crystals and water, all conducive to producing electro-magnetic current that can be mapped and identified through a grid of vortexes and ley lines. This energy grid defines barometric pressure and weather patterns, high and low solar energy influxes, areas of geomagnetic strength, fracture zones where tectonic plates come together creating seismic and volcanic activities, concentrations of ore and petroleum, migration routes of land, air and sea animals, concentration of human cultural centers and the location of sacred sites.

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