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Sep 8 2010

Nature opens the heart to a forest of possibilities hidden within the density of silence and solitude.

Language & Consciousness = Communication

Aug 28 2010

Language and consciousness are not merely co-existent; they are united in the nature of communication. Language can be considered to be the highest form of thought expression, the basic means of controlling behaviour, of knowing reality and knowing oneself and the existence of culture. Consciousness presupposes speech as its material reality in the form of gesture, sound and symbol. As the reflection of reality, consciousness moulds the forms and dictates the laws of its existence in the form of speech.

Romanticism and Transpersonalism

Aug 26 2010

Romanticism and transpersonalism share a vision of humanity that affirms the internal, transformational qualities and transcendent realities of human beings and promotes an experiential approach to learning and knowledge. Both consider a connection between human life and the cosmos and thus view the role of humans as dynamic participants in nature.

Self-Expression and Creativity

Aug 24 2010

The unlimited pure Self-expression that flows through the truth of Being also allows the energy of truth (based on love) to be expressed within the circle of life. Each truth is unique with its own unique expression manifested within creation. Each expression is full with the understanding that its serves the greater good or whole. Because each expression sustains a particular area it upholds all of Creation. That is why I believe that creativity comes out of its “own lifestream, its own form and for its own sake”.

The Spirit of Oneness

Aug 24 2010

Those who walk hand in hand with the spirit of Oneness walk hand in hand with the spirit of the Divine.



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