Nov 27 2010

Great relationships don’t just happen. We create them and need to work at keeping them.


Nov 2 2010

Follow your intuition to discover your innate gifts. Do not settle for work or a workplace that does not support your journey or one that blocks you in any way from identifying your innate gifts and abilities. Often times we choose job security, position and control over work that expresses our identity, gifts and dignity.




Oct 25 2010

Resonance is the frequency of Divine intuition.

Wisdom for Today

Oct 19 2010

Through the eyes of innocence the world must build its bridges. Through the hearts of many must a moment make a difference. Wisdom is within us, seek and then believe.




Oct 16 2010

Mindfulness allows you to be “in the moment” during various life transitions whether joyful or painful, whether contemplative or playful, whether exciting or mundane. It teaches you what, where and how to pay attention to the moment. Through mindfulness you can learn how to cope with emotional pain and find stability within that very pain. 

Being mindful heightens your awareness through the senses and through thoughts and feelings with free expression and wisdom. 

As Thich Nhat Hanh states “Life is available only in the present moment”. Therefore, life is a moment in constant transition.


Oct 15 2010

Projection is an interesting tool that allows us to increase the psychological distance between ourselves and projected qualities, either positive or negative, thereby defending us from the possibility that these parts have been disowned by us on our quest for Wholeness. Along our journey, our soul alerts us to awareness of our own unlived potential through projection. It is our choice either to recognize our projections or ignore and deny them.

The Beauty of Creative Expression

Oct 12 2010

Creative work does not have to have a destination, and thus, no beginning and no end. It does not have to have a purpose or a means. It can just be because it is, and thereby every aspect of it can be what it is meant to be for each individual who shares in its perception.

Creative Expression

Oct 12 2010

Creative Expression is an expression of the soul that is depicted in the form of art, music, dance, movement and any other artistic form.


Sep 16 2010

The only barriers that exist are those created within the limitations of our thoughts.  




Sep 13 2010

We all mistakenly call our acquaintances friends, but how many real friends are we lucky enough to encounter during a lifetime. A real friend shares your joys and well as your sorrows in a healthy and supportive way. Real friends do not rob you of your energy; they encounter yours with their own in perfect harmony and balance. Real friends encourage you during moments of challenge and challenge you during moments of indolence. Real friends allow you to see yourself and how you project yourself to the world.

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