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Amplified spiritual influences and increased sensitivity to transpersonal experiences at sacred sites and places steeped in nature (often referred to by transpersonal psychologists such as Abraham Maslow as “peak experiences”) have been documented by scholars around the world for centuries. Mythologists such as Joseph Campbell refer to ancient legends that also attest to extraordinary spiritual enlightenment and awareness afforded to those who travel to visit such places.

The mysteries of ancient world wisdom's unfold with the knowledge and understanding of pyramid/creative/vortex energy. This energy is the creative force within all life including that of humanity and the living earth itself. It is further understood that this energy connects the Divine to not only the human nervous system and Chakra energy or Chi energy, but to all of creation, and thus has the capability to enlighten the mind, ignite spiritual intuition, birth creativity, expand awareness and illumination, heal and transform.

Earth energies are pyramid/creative/vortex energies that are emitted through an electromagnetic grid pattern of ley lines that cover the earth and converge at vortex energy points. Ancient peoples and civilizations, cognizant of the spiritual power of this energy through emanating energetic vibration and guided by the principles of sacred geometry, intentionally positioned their sacred sites of ritual along ley lines and vortexes.

For years, Traveling Earth Energies to Sacred Sites has been offering journeys to sacred sites and energy centers around the world, introducing those journeying with them to the energetic vibration that exudes from each.

All journeys are fully escorted by Suzanne Campion-Tittoto, an experienced multi-lingual world traveler who incorporates her expertise in transpersonal and spiritual psychology, world wisdom philosophies and medieval European literature into each itinerary and travel experience. Local expert guides add knowledge and insight to ancient understanding. Groups are small and range from 12-20 participants to facilitate the maximum potential for individual awareness and receptivity.

Suzanne resides in Northern Italy and has been involved in the travel industry for over 30 years. She holds a B.A degree in French and Italian from UCLA with a specialization in medieval literature and a Certificate in Transpersonal Studies from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is presently a M.A. Degree candidate also at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Her specialty is Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on ancient Middle Eastern and European world wisdoms.Website flags.jpg


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Nov 27 2010

Great relationships don’t just happen. We create them and need to work at keeping them.


Nov 2 2010

Follow your intuition to discover your innate gifts. Do not settle for work or a workplace that does not support your journey or one that blocks you in any way from identifying your innate gifts and abilities. Often times we choose job security, position and control over work that expresses our identity, gifts and dignity.




Oct 25 2010

Resonance is the frequency of Divine intuition.

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